Morning Dew

Early morning, every morning, I take my dogs out for our routine morning walk.  I noticed it had rained over the night leaving pools of water on my sealed deck.  To my amazement, I saw a dragonfly resting on the deck railing. He was covered from the evening rain and morning dew.  I wasn’t even certain if it was alive until I gently blew air on it and saw it move to reposition itself from human interruption.  _DSC6535-28

The dragonfly stirred but stayed on the rail (as if it was too early for it to even consider waking up).  I stayed to observe it “wake up” and swipe water droplets off its head with its front leg to drink. So cool!!



As the deck dried off and the weather warmed up, I noticed the dragonfly had left.



Floride Sun

Such a typical saying… “Florida Sun”.  It’s much more than that since I have a wonderful family in the state of Florida.  I always look forward to seeing them when I adventure away from New Hampshire.  Every time I step into the West Coast of FL, it’s guaranteed a visit full of laughter and relaxation.



Much love to my bro and his family.  Thanks for bringing me some early summer sun and good times during my short stay in May.