Floride Sun

Such a typical saying… “Florida Sun”.  It’s much more than that since I have a wonderful family in the state of Florida.  I always look forward to seeing them when I adventure away from New Hampshire.  Every time I step into the West Coast of FL, it’s guaranteed a visit full of laughter and relaxation.



Much love to my bro and his family.  Thanks for bringing me some early summer sun and good times during my short stay in May.


A Glimpse of Spring.

Ahh… Spring temperatures hit the 60′s today. The first time this year when I feel it’s officially Spring time. This day, I spent the daylight moments outside doing pre-mosquito season work. Any activity standing still for more than 5 minutes or any movement slower than a mosquito’s flight speed (1-1.5 miles per hour) was done today. Examples include, but not limit to: reading a book, cleaning out garden beds, sitting on the grass having a lunch, playing with the dogs, and raking the lawn.

By mid-afternoon, I grabbed my camera to focus in on the Crocus flowers.  They are the only thing in bloom in my gardens right now.  And, to my enjoyment, I was able to capture not only the vibrant colors of the Crocuses, but a bee hard at work.  Look at the amount of pollen covering it and it still continued to work!  I’m so thankful to have been there at the right time.  It was a perfect end to a day at home.



Juvenile Bee


Juvenile Bee Pollinating