Monthly Archives: May 2011

Best in Show

May 29, 2011

I was invited to attend the New Hampshire High School Equestrian Teams State Championship show on May 22nd.  I spent time with the owner and staff (Leslie and Jessica) from Spinner Farm, along with a proud father to one of the riders in the Show.

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I am a huge fan to this talented young horseback rider, Molly.  She is naturally gifted when it comes to horseback riding. She rides with composure and confidence.  Molly has had minimal practice time and lessons at the Spinner Farm in Deering, NH.  With school and after school activities absorbing her time during the week, riding lessons have only been available on weekends and during most school breaks.

It’s amazing how quickly Molly has excelled in horseback riding.  It has been a pleasure to watch her ride and compete against others who have had many more years of experience under their belts.  I’m so proud of her for how far she has come in such short time.

I look forward to seeing her ride in the upcoming State shows the next couple of months.  I’ll be there with my camera slung over my shoulder.


Good Humor

May 26, 2011


Over the last week, I had a great opportunity to display some of my photography at a local open house. I enjoyed showing my work and mingling with other local business owners.  We shared many ideas, stories, and laughs.

To top off the open house event, the “ice cream lady” was parked in the parking lot.  I hadn’t seen one of these ice cream trucks up close since I was about ten years old asking for a Rocket or a Creamsicle.  Wow, now that’s a long time ago!!…   It’s so nice to know new childhood memories are created for generations ahead as long as the ice cream truck continues to roll down the streets.  I had so much fun talking with Roslyn (“the ice cream lady”) in between her handing over ice cream and making change.  Roslyn was such a trooper for letting me take her picture and for trying out my new ideas for photos.  Taking photos of Roslyn’s Mountaintreats ice cream truck with my ultra wide lens was a fun project.  My goal was to capture the “childhood” experience in the lens while advertising for Roslyn.  As I was shooting away, Roslyn mentioned to me “Everyone takes pictures of me and the truck, but I never end up seeing them.”  Well, Roslyn, here you go…


Yes! The music is on when Roslyn drives through the suburbs as sugar craving kids and adults run down streets and line up to grab a cool refreshment.



May 22, 2011

I have two varieties of tulips in my garden and have been watching them cycle through another year. After a week of constant rain, this tulip managed to keep together where all others dropped their petals.

With the month of May not even over, the records of precipitation the last several days have pushed the total precipitation accumulation toward all time record levels in the Manchester and Nashua area.  It has rained for over a week now and I didn’t think it was possible to capture anything on camera in this weather pattern without ruining the camera body or lens or having to dodge the rain drops. With slight breaks between rain storms and or sheltering my lens with a waterproof jacket, I managed to overcome the rain and get some really good photos this last week.

35 Years

May 15, 2011


NH Sheep and Wool Festival


This year was the 35th Annual New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival sponsored by The New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Growers’ Association.  The above photo was taken of one of the dogs (Australian Shepherd named Keeper) working in the sheep herding demonstration.  It’s amazing the focus and drive each one of these dogs have for herding sheep and goats.  They had no interest in treats or playing, just listening to the soft spoken commands of Cindi Hayden to guide them in controlling the flock.

What drew me to come here?  I came out to spend time with friends, to learn and grab resources about farming, support local farms, and an opportunity to use my camera in a different environment. No better way to spend a rainy day… running to and from buildings to view exhibits and commercial booths, watching demos on sheep dog herding, demonstrations on shearing sheep, and learning about common sheep breeds in New England.

Sweet Sounds

May 13, 2011

Spring is here and the last couple of weeks the birds have been out and about rounding up pine needles, twigs, grass clippings, moss, and dog hair from my land to build their annual nests.  Robins, Chickadees, and Blue Swallows are the majority of the birds taking flight in my yard.  This time of year, every morning I’m greeted with an array of songs from a variety of North Eastern birds.  For me, it’s the best way to wake up in the morning.  I will even crack open the window to amplify the “music”, lie back down, close my eyes, and listen to the songs of the wild, while I reassure my dogs they will be fed breakfast.  For a few more minutes, I’m able to take in the sweet sounds of the birds before the morning bustle.

For the eight years I’ve lived at this house, Blue Swallows have returned to nest in the six weathered birdhouses that are strewed among the back fields. Not only do the Blue Swallows return, so do the Hawks.  Unfortunately, Hawks will swoop down out of nowhere and prey on Blue Swallows in mid-flight.  I have witness the survival and defeat every year – the circle of life.  So far, I think only one has been assassinated.  I will know more on what the actual count is tomorrow when the Blue Swallows take their morning flight.