Give Thanks

Today is my favorite Holiday of the year.

Growing up in my family, before every Thanksgiving meal, we’d all sit around the table and my siblings and I would stare at the steaming turkey, homemade fixings, and listen to growling stomachs anticipating the hot meal’s entry.  My mother and father would redirect us and ask for each one of us to share at least one thing we are thankful for.  Once we passed around our thanks, we’d wait for the “OK” to eat.

The last several months of my life, I have been blessed with people I’ve known as a toddler to new relationships that have evolved in the last couple of months. Everyday I try to give thanks for my abilities, good health, and for what I can do for others.  I enjoy sharing what I have to offer to those who appreciate what I have to give.


Thank you to those who have left great impressions on my life and my family.   Life is precious and short. Enjoy your day today with friends and family.





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