Got Hope…

Before you start “reading between the lines”, this post has nothing to do with the following: politics, the economy, Bob Hope, and relationships.

I came across this building in the area of Warner, NH.  The words “GOT HOPE” caught my eye first and everything around it made for a good picture.  Jay Maisel, one of the most influential photographers, has mentioned over and over again, “Never put lettering in your photos unless you want it read.”  Lettering and words are the first thing you are drawn to in a photo.  Ahhh…  so true!


If you insist on “reading between the lines”, think of “Got Hope” as your “Bucket List”.  It’s  the feeling of expectation and desire that drives you toward your dreams, goals, and making a difference in life.

Everyday consists of your hope list (not hope chest).  Hope in the sense of implementing the possibility of accomplishing something beyond your comfort level.  Doing good things for yourself while in the best interest of others.  Here are a few examples: “paying it forward‘, good Karma, making yourself vulnerable in order to becoming a better person…  Whatever it is, I’m not focusing on the “worldly” troubles.  The biggest difference that can be made in the “hope” factor is within the reader.


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