A New Year

It’s been a great start to a new year.  I’ve had plenty going on the last couple of months with creating new work, being grateful for what I have, enjoying every moment shared with Kevin, and welcoming the everyday challenges I may face.

With all the favorable distractions going on in my life,  I managed to have a moment to grab my camera and be experimental.   Being inspired by Adorama’s video on shooting water droplets, I was encouraged enough to drag out my camera equipment and find the necessary items to try something new at home.

What I used to capture the photos below:
1. I used a birthday card I received from Kevin as my subject.
2. Two boxes to hold a sheet of glass
3. One clean sheet of glass
4.  Macro lens
5. Off camera flash
6. Spray bottle with an oil/water mixture

Below are a couple end results from my experimentation.



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