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Growing Up

December 2, 2011

My youngest dog, Scooter, has been with the family for a year.

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As my two other dogs reach their later years, medical expenses seem to out way the expenses of buying new toys.  I decided, it was time to start thinking of a new member of the family.   Adopting Scooter from WOOFFUN has been the best decision I’ve made in the year of 2010. With the advice from the veterinarian and my availability on training the newcomer, it was the perfect time to get another dog.  My thanks goes out to WOOFFUN for matching us up with Scooter a year ago today.


For the last year, my older dogs have been great in helping on the training with Scooter.  In return, Scooter has helped my older ones out by keeping them young in spirit and in good health.  His youth has brought so much laughter, fun, life, and enjoyment to all our lives.  I’m so glad he is part of the family.




My Girl

November 15, 2011

Sydney is my first dog I ever got from an animal rescue shelter.

It all started in the summer of 2000.  I was on the waiting list for adopting an Australian Shepherd from the Bedford Animal Rescue League.  It took about two months for my name to even come close to the top of the waiting list to be contacted.  After working in the area of Bedford, NH, I decided to stop at the shelter to see what dogs they had, if any, in their kennels.  I walked into where all the dogs were placed.  The room echoed with multiple dogs barking at the same time. Only a few kennel doors down, I happened to notice Sydney with a “hold” sign on her kennel door.  I immediately went to the front desk to inquire about the Aussie being on “hold”.  The volunteer pulled Sydney’s chart and notified me that they were trying to contact the person on the waiting list about the Aussie available for adoption.  They left several messages on the person’s answering machine, but hadn’t heard back.  I requested to have them unlock the kennel door and allow me to observe her and see if we would be a good match.  I spent a good 20 minutes assessing her in the observation room.  Sydney knew how to sit (for 2 seconds), climb on furniture, jump on people, run around ignoring anyone in the room, pee when greeted, and found out she wasn’t crate trained.  She certainly would be a challenge to train!  After careful consideration, I told them I wanted her.

What’s her story?  Why was she at the Bedford Animal Rescue League?  Well, I was told she was given to a young couple as a gift.  The couple was newly married and the woman was pregnant too.  Unfortunately, for the couple, Sydney wasn’t their type of dog.  This couple couldn’t handle the changes and challenges of training a dog along with getting ready for a newborn.  All I can say is “things happen for a reason”.  For me, Sydney has been a great delight in my life.  She has always been there for me and those she adores.  She continues to teach me patience, unconditional love, persistence, trust, and a sense of fun.  Sydney has so many fans, friends, and support. Good luck tomorrow, my girl.


Another Foster Home

August 28, 2011

I’ve been requested to foster another dog until he finds his ideal placement. Unfortunately, this time around, my schedule wasn’t conducive for me to take in another dog, but I had someone in mind who would…  my father.  He has been thinking long and hard about getting another dog.  It’s been about two years now since my father’s last dog, Molly, past away.  I figured he could try fostering to see if his lifestyle is accomodating and accepting for having another dog in his life.  Not only is my father questioning whether or not he is ready to have a dog, but I think his heart will keep him from letting go of this unique foster dog, Andre.

It’s been a week now and my father and Andre are settling in:

1. Andre likes to investigate and mouth-handle objects to see how many micro pieces he can turn it into before my father catches him.
2. My father has learned to picked up his personal items around the house to avoid CSI work.














Andre is a Great Dane/Mix.  He is about six months old, well behaved, has beautiful markings, easily trained, doesn’t shed much, and is fun to watch run around with his big paws.

Before WOOFFUN rescued Andre, someone had cut off one of Andre’s ears.  Why do people have to be so cruel?
WOOFFUN decided to have elective surgery done to even up Andre’s ears in order to make the cruelity less noticable.