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Sunday Drive


This is going to be one of the shortest post ever, due to fatigue, time restraints, and wanting to hit my pillow for a solid night’s sleep (I can only hope). It’s been a long week and work trailed right into…

Change For Purpose

OK….You must be wondering why I haven’t posted lately. Don’t worry, I don’t easily stagnate into a set of routines…. My life is full and constantly changing. “The only constant in Life is Change.” Within the last week, I have…

Snow Bound

I made it!  I’m back in NH from San Francisco.  I received a warm “Welcome back!” from my father. Thanks dad for picking me up at 11:30PM at the airport, having a hot meal ready for me at your home,…

Snowing Again

Plow truck warming up, flakes are flying, and gators are on.  6-8″ of snow is due to stick on the ground.